HERE IS SOME GOOD NEWS: WE CAN WRITE PRESCRIPTIONS FOR YOUR ORTHOTICS.  And we now also do 3-D Scans for getting more precise casts of your feet for Orthotics

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We encourage you to contact us whenever you have an interest or concern about our services. Please phone rather than e-mailing below. Sometimes the system does not work well

Although we can try our best to help you using our respect, compassion, sincere intentions, knowhow, technology and techniques to get you feeling better in the shortest time possible, we acknowledge that, in the end,  health practitioners can only treat, it is God who cures. As humans, we all have limitations. Our bodies too have limitations. Some patients hael faster than others, though they may have been offered the same remedy. You should seek a second opinion if you have concerns. You should consult other practitioners in other fields of expertise to see your options.

To that end, we ask that you should NOT wait to see your Foot Specialist ( sometimes you may not get an immediate appointment and they may not have the means to provide immediate help unlike most Emergency centres), but go to your nearest Emergency Hospital, or consult your doctor,  if you experience the following:

Foot pain accompanied with fever, diabetics with foot infections, diabetics with changes in coloration ( digits or areas of foot turning blackish in color (It could be necrosis or signs of gangrene) though you do not have pain (remember there are diabetics who can not sense feeling, known as neuropathy). Diabetics with infected  ingrown nails should seek immediate help as delays can cause problems. Embbeded foreign objects (such as splinters, pins etc) should seek immediate medical help as these can cause infections. Injuries with rusty ( or even non-rusty) nails or metal objects as sometimes you may require a quick tetanus shot. Please read and know more about your foot condition. And do not hesitate to ask your doctor for information...they are there to help and guide you. Call your local Emergency and ask for help. Your health is very important, so please take care of it!

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